Zack Snyder to Direct “Justice League” Film for DC (Warner Bros.)

Thank you WB and DC for getting your act together and giving the fans what they want. I say this with all due respect (as a HUGE DC Fan) but Marvel has been kicking your butts for years. They showed the industry the blueprint for akin Comic Books into film and how to be successful. Now let’s not toot their horn completely; DC was the first to do so with Superman and Batman. What Warner Bros. needs is to get a brain trust and map out a game plan. CCO Geoff Johns needs to step up and take the reigns and say “I will lead us into the future”. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting this is. I have complete trust in Snyder and Nolan (hoping that he remains in a producer capacity due to his amazing vision) and will be first in line for these films.

One thought on “Zack Snyder to Direct “Justice League” Film for DC (Warner Bros.)

  1. I’m twenty years old, so I am not sure how much it means when I say this, but for what it is worth ,I honestly believe that this is the greatest time in cinema history, at least from the perspective of a geek. I live for this stuff. Really cool post man. I love the page. If you get a second I would love it if you could take a look at my blog

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