Me Who is the MoaCN?

I’m just a regular guy that loves the Comic Book Culture.  I have been collecting comics since I was able to start reading.  Special thanks to my parents for putting Superman and Batman books in my hands with a tape player that read the books to me.  I learned from those DC books.  I am fortunate to pass along my passion to my daughter Leia and girlfriend Denise.  Share my passion with my uncle Julian and cousins Mellie and Nicki .

Favorite Character:  Batman  (of Course) Rocket Raccoon is a close 2nd.


Favorite Villain: Joker joker

Favorite Team: Guardians of the Galaxy

Favorite Series: Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (American Vampire byScott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque and Guardians of the Galaxy by Brian Michael Bendis  come close)

Favorite Story Arc:  Watchmen

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