The Legendary Star-Lord Ongoing Announced!!!

The Legendary Star-Lord Ongoing Announced!!!

Marvel has announced a new ongoing series to be released a month (July) before the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (August 1st). They are definitely ramping up the interest in these characters. First, Rocket Raccoon and Groot (in a sidekick role) are getting an ongoing and One Shot. Now, Peter Quill aka The Star-Lord.

It will be written by Sam Humphries and illustrated by Paco Medina. It will come with 6 variant covers and the image above (one of the variants) is by the highly-talented Skottie Young.

Peter Quill is the quintessential Space Cowboy. He first appeared in Marvel Preview #4 (1976) thanks to Steve Engleheart and Steve Gan. Star-Lord was created before Han Solo and Captain Mal Reynolds. I see him in these characters (btw Nathan Fillion could have been another choice for Star-Lord if you ask me). Peter Quill is half Human/half Spartax and struggles with both sides of who he is supposed to be. He feels at home in space yet Earth is his true home. Peter is the master strategist and marksmen. Thanks to his suit he has enhanced strength and flight. And he never leaves without his elemental gun (the only thing he has from his father J’Son, The Emperor of Spartax).

I’m very excited for this ongoing because Star-Lord is a character that deserves his own series. The Guardians of the Galaxy are finally getting the proper attention.

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